MonTech's MCool -40°C Greatly Increases Range for Low Temperature RPA Testing

MonTech RPA now reaches -40°C for advanced post-cure testing

The MonTech MCool -40°C is an advanced external liquid cooling system for use in the D-RPA 3000 and MDR 3000 Professional. It is perfect for testing where extreme low tePicture1mperatures
are required, approaching glass transition temperature. The system works in conjunction with the pneumatic cooling system and cools both dies individually, reaching temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F). This patented cooling system serves as an addition to the instrument’s temperature control, leaving the existing heating system in the dies unchanged and fully operational. All instruments equipped with the MCool -40°C cooling system maintain full functionality of a Moving Die Rheometer or Rubber Process Analyzer


For more information about the Rubber Process Analyzer and the  MCool -40°C Chilled Air Cooling System, click here.




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