Lab managers always have that question in the back of their mind...

We have visited hundreds of laboratories over the years. Time and time again, we run into the same situation - someone wishes wants to continue to use the old instruments. They simply want to modernize it. It's what they have always known, so why change it?

There is no right or wrong with this situation.

Budgets change and labs are finally able to take steps towards this goal. The questions managers need to ask are much more than just a quote. We need to take into consideration industry trends, company goals, and connectivity. Most people do NOT account for all of these factors.

Here is what we can promise about this eBook:

  • Review of smart factory trends in the rubber industry that everyone should know
  • Take a look at the laboratory data flow for the average rubber manufacturer
  • Define the questions a team needs to ask when considering upgrading equipment

We don't ask for data lightly. Our goal is to provide you the best information possible to help your laboratory now and in the future.Your data will always be private. In return, just keep us in mind.