New Product Announcement: MonTech Introduces New Automated  Bale Cutter

MonTech's portfolio expands with the new addition of the CP 3000 Auto

Buchen, Germany: MonTech is now offering an automated model of the CP 3000 rubber and bale cutter. To meet market demand, the CP 3000 Auto is safer, more efficient, and requires almost no user interaction.


The new rubber and polymer bale cutter dramatically increases the productivity of bale slicing while maintaining strict safety standards. Utilizing PLC systems, users set the cutting speed, number, and size of cuts. 

Operator safety comes first. To meet international standards on safety, each CP 3000 Auto is equipment with tunnel guards, supervised maintenance doors, light curtains, among other options.

The bale cutting system easily integrates with mixer systems, bale handling vacuums, robotic depalletizers, and other conveyor systems.

MonTech's family of bale cutters are perfect for use in laboratories or on production floors. To learn more about the CP 3000 Auto, click here.






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