New Product Announcement: MonTech Adds Custom CP 3000 Bale Cutters to Equipment Line-Up.

MonTech Adds Customizable Options to CP 3000 Bale Cutters.

Buchen, Germany: MonTech is offering customized bale cutters to accommodate the specific needs of rubber and polymer manufacturers.  Recognizing that the requirements for different industries can be widely varied, MonTech has expanded the available customization options for their line of bale cutters. Options available include designs for clean-rooms, production integration, cutting of sticky silicones or extremely hard materials (WPC composites), high speed slicing, automation, robotic additions, and more. MonTech’s in-house machining and design operations make the possibilities for customization nearly limitless!

Options Available:

• Autofeed and conveyor connections
• Robotic handling
• Complete stainless-steel designs
• Silicone and medical applications
• Heated blades
• Extrusion / production line integration
• Extremely hard material slicing
• High speed cutting
• Automation options
• Custom knife and cutting block designs

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