MonTech D-RPA 3000 now available with Steady Shear Module

MonTech Paves Path for New Possibilities in RPA Testing with the introduction of Steady Shear Rheology Module


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Buchen, Germany: MonTech, the leader in Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) technological development, introduces the Advanced Applications Package for all new RPA purchases and is available as retrofit to existing units. MonTech's D-RPA 3000 is the most customizable RPA available in the elastomer market, found in laboratories across the world, and created to fit any typical or specialized application. And now, MonTech introduces its steady shear technology to their global customer base..

Since its conception, the RPA has only allowed for traditional oscillatory shear applied to the samples in the die cavity. With the introduction of MonTech's Advanced Applications Package, a new bar in RPA technology is officially set as the motor is now optionally enabled for rotational steady shear.

The combination of oscillatory shear and rotational steady shear is the key to unlocking data found in manufacturing process relevant conditions such as mixing, injection molding, extrusion and more. The Advanced Applications Package enables the high-shear rates required to achieve these results and correlations. By adding this technology, laboratories will now have access to:

The New Generation Direct Torque Drive System for Testing in Oscillatory & Rotational Shear:

  • Oscillatory Shear Rate Ranges: 10-4 sec-1 to 100 sec-1
  • Rotational Steady Shear Mode with Shear Rate Ranges: 750 sec-1
  • Unlimited shear ranges for Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) Tests
  • Wall Slip Measurements utilizing die cavity normal force

AAP-Graphs_01Revolutionary New Seal and Die Cooling Technology for Lower Die:

  • Specialized seals for longer life cycle ranges - designed specifically to withstand the highest shear rates
  • Advanced cooling and heat-compensation design for minimizing friction and reducing heat-build up around lower die

New Software Testing Routines:

  • Steady Shear Testing Mode
  • Shear Rate Sweeps
  • Matrix Testing
  • Advanced Pre-Strain offsets for any sub-test
  • And more!

MonTech has been first-to-market with latest advancements in RPA technologies for nearly a decade. With the addition of the Advanced Application package, the evolution of the RPA continues to accelerate forward. Customers considering RPAs or the retrofit of the rotational steady shear package are encouraged to contact their local MonTech representative for compound evaluation.







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